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Investing Myth #4: Successful Investors Are Able To Time The Market

January 12, 2009

Truth: In Successful Investing, the Timing Finds You

The key here to remember, is the economy, the market, etc is all cylical.  Buying and selling opportunities are created by this ebb and flow of the cycle.

Remember, being active in the market, does not always been that you are buying and selling all the time.  You have to stay engaged in the market to understand and learn the cycles from when a market changes from a buyers to a sellers market, or when foreclosures are priced too high, or when bank inventory is high that list price is too high. 

Here in Wisconsin, we didn’t have the “booms” that other markets such as California, Las Vegas and Arizona saw, thus, we also didn’t have the same crashes.  We have seen increases in sales prices consistently throughout. Remember when looking at the cycles in the market, real estate is ALL LOCAL!

Timing isn’t about being in the right place at the right time; its about being at the right place ALL the time.


Mindy Allen, Broker Associate

Keller Williams Realty